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WebServer: caching responses

From: David Ayers
Subject: WebServer: caching responses
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2011 15:36:35 +0200

Hello Richard,

we are currently prototyping a conversion of our application from out
old GSWeb Snapshots we are using to WebServer.

We are not sure yet whether we want to use WebServer as a replacement
for Apache or whether we will try implement an Apache module to merely
pass us the application specific requests.

One thing I noticed though ist that the delegate's API for generating

- (BOOL) processRequest: (GSMimeDocument*)request
               response: (GSMimeDocument*)response
                    for: (WebServer*)http;

- (BOOL) preProcessRequest: (GSMimeDocument*)request
                  response: (GSMimeDocument*)response
                       for: (WebServer*)http;

- (void) postProcessRequest: (GSMimeDocument*)request
                   response: (GSMimeDocument*)response
                        for: (WebServer*)http;

already provides a response which must be modified.  If we took the
route of trying to fully replace apache, we'd definitely need a way to
cache and reuse responses for static resources.  But sometimes we may
even want to cache some dynamic responses in the module case.

Did I miss an API to accomplish this, or would you consider augmenting
the API to allow the Application to reuse responses?


David Ayers - Team Austria
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