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Re: FreeBSD Packages Was: Intermediate Summary

From: David Chisnall
Subject: Re: FreeBSD Packages Was: Intermediate Summary
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2014 18:20:37 +0000

On 7 Jan 2014, at 18:15, Fred Kiefer <address@hidden> wrote:

> On 07.01.2014 18:10, David Chisnall wrote:
>> On 7 Jan 2014, at 14:13, Stefan Bidi <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> The first step for anyone new to GNUstep, after they realize the
>>> distro supplied packages are sorely out-of-date, will be to compile
>>> it using the standard compiler/runtime supplied to build GNUstep.
>> Both OpenBSD and FreeBSD ship with GNUstep packages that are up to
>> date and compiled with sensible options.  I've not tried the OpenBSD
>> ones, but on FreeBSD things like ARC and libdispatch work out of the
>> box.  We should perhaps have a prominent list of systems with
>> up-to-date packages so that people know what is sensible to install
>> in a VM if they want to play with GNUstep.
> I just checked for FreeBSD and the pages  our wiki links to
> ( and
> are both one version behind. Not a big difference and we just released
> that version two weeks ago.

Yup, I have updates waiting to be committed.  They should be done in the next 
week, and hit the next round of package building (which now happens every two 
weeks).  They are, however, all configured to use the latest everything, so my 
original statement that ARC + libdispatch works out of the box still stands.

> And the more official looking page
> is even two releases behind.
> (And why is there this inconsistency? I would expect both to be the same
> page)

This is a static page that is generated... sometimes.  I don't actually know 

> When I look at
> I
> see the same old packages.

This is one of the old mirrors.  The new-style packages ('pkgng') are 
distributed via a CDN, not the ad-hoc mirror network.

> I am not saying that any of this is a big problem for somebody just
> wanting to try out GNUstep.

On a recent FreeBSD, they will type 'pkg ins gnustep' and get one minor 
revision old GNUstep.  In a couple of weeks, the package builds will have been 
refreshed and they'll get the latest one.  


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