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Re: [Health-dev] Development snapshot for upcoming 3.6 series [Was:Re: H

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] Development snapshot for upcoming 3.6 series [Was:Re: Health-dev Digest, Vol 97, Issue 3]
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2019 10:13:32 +0100

Hi Cornelius !
On Thu, 19 Sep 2019 03:44:35 +0000
Cornelius Lee <address@hidden> wrote:

> Good morning Luis,
> > Thanks for the feedback, and thank you for testing the FRL plugin !
> >  
> - You are welcome,Luis.
> > Did you check the connection settings ? Health -> Configuration ->
> > Federation -> Node Configuration   
> - Yes. The credentials are as follows:
> Thalamus server:
> Port: 8,443
> User: ITAPYT999HON
> Password: gnusolidario
> Test Connection: Connection to Thalamus OK!
> > Looking at your screenshot, you have entered the federation ID in
> > both fields. The first field, the resource, is to be left with the
> > default value (people).  
> - Ah yes. It works! I have left the first field with the default
> value. ie. people and I keyed in the federation ID. ie. ESPGNU777ORG
> and the search for that particular entry is successful. Very nice
> indeed! It would be helpful if there were to clear headers as to
> enter what values to specific fields. Also, some documentation would
> be nice too! =)

Yes. You are right ! FRL will be documented for upcoming 3.6 :)

We'll make sure that we have nice tooltips for the fields in place, too.

> > Please send the link of the snapshot, not the snapshot itself in
> > the mail . Check
> >
> >  
> - Aplologies for this. I am still very new to this. I will take note
> in future.

No problem ! You're doing great ! :)

Make sure that you don't reply to the digest, and also, if we encounter
a new issue or have a different, somehow unrelated question from the
original post (for example, about the FRL), the best is to create a new
thread with a specific subject.

> > PS: Thanks for updating the Wikibook!  
> - You're most welcome Luis. It's the least I can do to contribute
> back to you and everyone in the community. Looking forward to a
> stable version so that I can update the Wikibook as I help test the
> documented steps out. =)

Awesome !

Thank you 

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