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Re: [Health-dev] Development snapshot for upcoming 3.6 series [Was:Re: H

From: Cornelius Lee
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] Development snapshot for upcoming 3.6 series [Was:Re: Health-dev Digest, Vol 97, Issue 3]
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2019 03:44:35 +0000

Good morning Luis,

> Thanks for the feedback, and thank you for testing the FRL plugin !
- You are welcome,Luis.

> Did you check the connection settings ? Health -> Configuration -> Federation 
> -> Node Configuration 
- Yes. The credentials are as follows:
Thalamus server:
Port: 8,443
Password: gnusolidario
Test Connection: Connection to Thalamus OK!

> Looking at your screenshot, you have entered the federation ID in both 
> fields. The first field, the resource, is to be left with the default value 
> (people).
- Ah yes. It works! I have left the first field with the default value. ie. 
people and I keyed in the federation ID. ie. ESPGNU777ORG and the search for 
that particular entry is successful.
Very nice indeed! It would be helpful if there were to clear headers as to 
enter what values to specific fields. Also, some documentation would be nice 
too! =)

> Please send the link of the snapshot, not the snapshot itself in the mail . 
> Check 
- Aplologies for this. I am still very new to this. I will take note in future.

> PS: Thanks for updating the Wikibook!
- You're most welcome Luis. It's the least I can do to contribute back to you 
and everyone in the community. Looking forward to a stable version so that I 
can update the Wikibook as I help test the documented steps out. =)

Kind Regards,

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