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Re: cfengine configuration question

From: Katherine Morris
Subject: Re: cfengine configuration question
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 19:47:44 -0400

Why not set up a class in your configuration file for your slave servers
that copies everything needed  specifically for the slave server from the
"master" server?  Then you just have to make changes on the master, and the
others propogate out from there...

As long as the class data only matches the slaves, none of the clients
should care about the extra info in the configuration file.


> 1) The 1st question relates to DNS - since we manage hosts on
> different sub-domains. I have a master server
> (where all the files/binaries are available via automounter copied
> from)
> in one sub-domain while many other hosts are on different
> sub-domains.
> A possible solution appears to be setting up different slave-servers
> on each
> domain (sub-domain) & copying over all binaries/files to each slave.
> I am reluctant to go this route since it involves duplicating data
> across every
> slave, and it would certainly requires a manually procedure to
> update each
> slave, and moves away the idea of a single central configuration
> file.

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