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Re: Need assistance in determining if an rpm is installed

From: Rune Mossige
Subject: Re: Need assistance in determining if an rpm is installed
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 08:34:51 +0100
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On (15/01/02 10:00), Ted Zlatanov wrote:
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> Subject: Re: Need assistance in determining if an rpm is installed
> From: Ted Zlatanov <address@hidden>
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>  Cienfuegos
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> Rune Mossige <address@hidden> writes:
> > I am working on a stock RedHat 7.2 system, and I would like to set up a
> > section that will check if some specific RPM's installed. And, if they
> > are not there, the I want to install them. I am using 2.0.a15.
> In my experience the shell escapes (as of 1.6.3) are not very
> productive for defining classes in all but the simplest cases.
> Perhaps this has changed in 2.0.
> You are asking for something pretty specific, though.  Why not make a
> module that does all the hard work separately from cfengine?  The
> module can be a shell or Perl or C (or whatever else) program.  You
> just print out "+ClassName" to standard output for every class you
> want to define.  I don't think you have to predeclare each class, but
> I may be wrong.
> If you are interested in this, but can't write that module, I'll look
> into it.  It sounds useful enough that many of us on this list would
> want to use it.  A version for the Sun packages and other platforms
> would be nice too.  Let us know.

That sounds like a useful module to have. As I have never written such
modules, this might be just the right opportunity to learn something
new...Until I get time to start that task, I will continue to just
install it via shellcommands.

> Thanks
> Ted

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