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Re: Starting Daemons

From: Brian E. Seppanen
Subject: Re: Starting Daemons
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 11:04:26 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 14 Feb 2002, Ted Zlatanov wrote:

> Well, "cfengine-die" works for me in a production environment.  What
> version of cfengine are you using (I use 1.6.2 and .3)?  Can you post
> the script itself, or at least the relevant parts?  Have you tried the
> useshell option?

BTW:  That was a really good article :)

GNU 1.6.3

I've attached a copy of the daemon restart script

My thoughts were that this daemon restart script does fork into the 
background but part of the init script writes to the terminal's Standard 
Out, and it might not want to close this.   I've tried getting rid of 
anything that might actually send output or input to the terminal 

I have the identical problem with this daemon and the snmpd daemon.

> Take a look at

On a solaris 7 host running 1.6.3 I get a segfault when I try send 
signal=term or signal=kill to a different daemon, but that's another issue 
entirely.   I've had no luck controlling daemon's with cfengine yet...

I'll look it over some more, but I don't think the netsaint daemon will 
actually handle signals.   

Thank you for your assistance.

Brian Seppanen
906-228-4226 ext 23
Area 54: The Secret Government Disco Labs in Provo Utah

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