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Re: compiling with BerkeleyDB installed in /usr/local...

From: Thomas Glanzmann
Subject: Re: compiling with BerkeleyDB installed in /usr/local...
Date: 9 Jan 2003 03:22:35 GMT
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In article <address@hidden>, Luke A. Kanies wrote:
> On Wed, 9 Jan 2003, Thomas Glanzmann wrote:
>> There is no need to fix anything. Read the help instead. Or the scripts I 
>> send
>> you. Or whatever.
>> ./configure --with-berkeleydb=/usr/local \
>>      --with-openssl=/path/to/openssl
>> Get __sure__ that there is a /usr/local/include/db.h and a
>> /usr/local/include/libdb.a
> Yeah, that's supposed to work, but it doesn't, because of this:
> (line 3483 in configure, cfengine-2.0.4)
>     if test "x$BERKELEY_DB_DIR" = "xyes" ; then
That means if BERKLEY_DB_DIR is set to yes ... is it? no. Why not? Because you
supplied /usr/local as BERLEY_DB_DIR

>         for v in BerkeleyDB.3.2 BerkeleyDB.3.3 BerkeleyDB.4.0; do
>             for d in /opt /usr/local /usr; do
>                 test -d "$d/$v" && BERKELEY_DB_DIR="$d/$v"
>             done
>         done
>     fi
So that stuff is not executed ....

Also look at the configure script a few lines above ...

# Check whether --with-berkeleydb or --without-berkeleydb was given.
if test "${with_berkeleydb+set}" = set; then

> It's the 'test -d' that breaks it.  With configure like this, you _must_
> have BerkeleyDB installed at something/BerkeleyDB.someversion.  In order
> to compile cfengine with the actual install root as /usr/local/, not
> /usr/local/BerkeleyDB.3.3, I had to change the test to 'test -e', and I
> had to create /usr/local/BerkeleyDB.3.3 as a link to '.', which made it
> all work but is two hacks.

bla. bla. bla.

>> Same for openssl.
> I got openssl to work; I was just using it as an example of an app that
> frustrates me, because it wants to be installed at its own root in
> /usr/local, which complicates most things but most notably automounting
> /usr/local and compiling against OpenSSL.  It's especially nasty doing
> this with OpenLDAP, because for some retarded reason, the developers
> require you to specify both -L and -R in LDFLAGS, or you have to set the
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH, which is (again) a hack.  OpenSSL + OpenLDAP = PITA, and
> yes, it's made me a bit bitter.

Read the manpage of your linker. You can specify the search path for your
dynamic linker ... or you can link that stuff static ...

OpenSSL is not frustrating. As long as you know where to get entropy from. ;-)

> Incidentally, I'm compiling cfengine for both hp-ux and solaris, and I'm
> having problems on each.  I'm actually compiling everything to install in
> /usr/local/install/$pkg/$version.  On Solaris, BerkeleyDB core dumps,
> which is convenient.  I can't figure it out.  I do a pretty standard

I had that problem while trying to link cfengine static.

> configure and such, but basically every single binary core dumps, which
> means (of course) cfengine also core dumps.  On HP-UX, everything
> compiles just dandy, but make install on cfengine gets really pukey.  It
> complains about cfparse.h having multiple stanzas in the makefile, and
> then it dies on syntax errors.  I did have to remove the -lPW on HP-UX; is
> there a way to do that from configure, rather than editing src/Makefile?

don't know.

> I'm at home right now and can't provide specifics, but if anyone thinks
> s/he can provide help, I'd be glad to provide more specifics.

Try another version

If you want you can give me a temporary user account on your site ... and I
could make you some scripts ready. At least for Solaris. Just drop me an eMail
and I send you my public ssh key.

And Could you provide some more informations and maybe output of what your are

What Compiler do you use? SUNWspro or gcc; Which Solaris Version?

I also have a binary version for solaris raeady and the build log ...

Rathsbergerstrasse 28     D-91054 Erlangen / Burgberg     +49 (0) 9131 - 614720

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