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Re: file modification

From: Debbie Brown
Subject: Re: file modification
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2003 13:49:41 -0600

Thanks, but I don't want to have to add each individual line in the cfengine
config file.

Several of our desktops have customized config files (/etc/system for
example).  I would like to have a group of files (i.e. file1) that only
contain the lines that are unique for these config files (i.e. file2); each
file will be unique to the system it updates.  Any admin can update this
group of files & they don't have to have cfengine knowledge.  Basically,
these files are like a template that contains the special additions that need
to be added to certain files on the system.

We have a large network & are looking for an easy way to update & maintain
unique customizations to desktops, so any admin can make modifications
without having to go through specific people to update the cfengine config

Please note that this is only for unique system changes; not for our standard

Thomas Glanzmann wrote:

> * Debbie Brown <address@hidden> [030306 18:56]:
> > 'InsertFile' doesn't work well for this b/c it adds the line(s) of file1
> > to file2 whether they exist or not.
> What about AppendIfNoSuchLine?
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