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Re: syncing files....

From: John Gray
Subject: Re: syncing files....
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2004 18:03:43 -0500
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Nate Campi wrote:

On Fri, Feb 06, 2004 at 04:56:25PM -0500, John Gray wrote:

Is there a facility for syncing files in cfengine (I haven't been able to find one). So for example, when the passwd file has a passwd changed, cfengine would sync it with the masterfiles?

At my site we've always used a wrapper command that checks config files
in and out of RCS before/after editing. If you used such a scheme you
could trigger a sync of the file in question to masterfiles (directly
rsync, or use cfrun to trigger the copy on the remote fileserver, etc).
The beauty of this is that if an upgrade/reinstall wrote out a copy of
passwd that you don't want in masterfiles, it wouldn't sync until you
manually triggered it.
On a similair note, there some things I'd like to collect from the systems (their current package lists and kernel configs are two examples). Is there a nice way to collect those things so I have a central store of them. I want to make diaster recovery easier, in fact, that's largely my goal here, to be able to rebuild a system ASAP when a drive dies. I could certainly write scripts to do this, but I'd rather not have too many independant system going if cfegine will handle it all for me.

The general cfengine take on this is to set up the kernel and packages
using cfengine in the first place. That way if you need to rebuild the
host, cfengine does it all for you.
Often this means retrofitting cfengine on top of an existing setup, to
start pushing out the *existing* configs/build. It's worth it, since it
makes it so easily rebuilt.

I haven't gotten to far with having cfengine manage my packages yet. Many of our boxes are debian boxes. Can I tell cfengine the packages I need, and have it use apt-get to resolve the dependencies for me?

I see references to rpm. We are mostly a debian and Solaris shop. I'm using pkg-get on the solaris boxes. The details on how to make this work have escaped me.

Thanks for the help.


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