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Re: syncing files....

From: John Gray
Subject: Re: syncing files....
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2004 16:44:56 -0500
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Will Lowe wrote:

For Debian, just run a shellcommand:
/usr/bin/apt-get --yes install  packagename
where 'packagename' is somethng like libc6  and not libc6_1.9.6-2.deb,
and all required dependencies will be fetched and installed also.

I had a problem with apt-get not finding required commands due to
the path cfengine runs shellcommands with, and ended up calling a
wrapper script.  I admit I didn't spend much time looking into how
cfengine sets its shellcommand path, so there may be a better way.

You also need to be careful about debconf promptings and dpkg's
conffile-replace-or-keep questions. This is something close to what
I'm currently using, running it as a shellcommand: assumes some things about your hostname conventions, but it
should be straightforward enough to hack.  In the long term I should
probably modify it to use CFALLCLASSES or whatever.

It also assumes you're going to keep the old versions of your
conffiles -- all the conffiles I care about are managed by my cfengine
setup anyway -- and that you're happy with the default debconf answers
or have already modified them via something like debconf-copydb.

Thanks for the script Will.

I'm in the process of converting it over to take in the classes by passing $(allclasses) as cmd-line arg.

I'll make my modified version available once I'm done.



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