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Cfagent on policy host not running

Subject: Cfagent on policy host not running
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 06:18:05 -0500

I've got a perplexing issue - I've got all my cfengine guys 
talking to my policy host except the agent running on the 
policy host itself.  I'm checking this by doing a cfshow -s.

All clients are showing a connection (hailed us) to the 
server except the host.  If I run cfagent manually, 
everything gets updated, but the crontab entry I have 
(0,30 * * * * cfexecd) is not causing the cfagent 
to execute.  Is there some sort of error log that would 
show me why this isn't running successfully?

The crontab entry is identical to what I have on all my 
other clients.


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