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Need help with cleaning up a working GNU Autotools setup

From: Sune
Subject: Need help with cleaning up a working GNU Autotools setup
Date: 8 Oct 2005 12:51:17 -0700
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First of all, this is a crosspost, but since I get no feedback from the
other group I'm hoping for you guys. Thanks!


I've just moved from Eclipse CDT's 'Managed makefiles' to GNU's
Autotools. It's a small project with 1 base directory and 3


All 3 subdirectories stores .c files and accompanying .h files. At this
point they compile properly, i.e. 'collections' and 'debug' directories
compile to 1 executable each and 'global' outputs a static library.

Note: The project will grow considerably, it would just be nice to have

my environment up to par before that happens.

At this point all object files, binaries and libraries end up in the
same directory as the source code from which they are created. This
means a mess and I would want something like this:

                         +----bin (for executables)
rsd-----+----collections-+----obj (for intermediate object files)
        |                +----lib (for libraries)
        +----debug  (as for collections)
        +----global (as for collections)

How do I achieve this in a smooth way? I've tried the manuals and the
net without being any wiser, so please, any hint is appreciated. I
program in C, by the way.

Thanks in advance

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