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Re: Need help with cleaning up a working GNU Autotools setup

From: Peter T. Breuer
Subject: Re: Need help with cleaning up a working GNU Autotools setup
Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2005 07:49:20 +0200
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In comp.os.linux.development.system Sune <> wrote:
> Yes, that's exactly what I want. If I only add what you suggest then
> 'make clean', 'make install' etc won't automagically be provided by
> Automake.

Why wouldn't they? I don't understand why you think so.

> I guess I would also loose the configuration set up by
> Autoconf(?).

Again, I don't understand why you think so! 

>> > If I only add what you suggest then
>> What did I suggest? Surely only use of VPATH.
> You suggested that the following be done for each sub directory:

> cd collections/bin
>    make -f ../../global/Makefile target VPATH=../../global/

> Instead of just execute a plain 'make' from the base directory 'rsd/'

No - that's what executing the make at the top DOES. It's not "instead
of it".

>> I don't understand - when compiling outside the source directory, ne
>> mormally makes a build/ subdir, cds there, then runs ../configure
>> there in orser to make a Makefile.  Then one runs make against that
>> Makefile, with VPATH set to the surce directory.

> Ok, now I understand(?). I don't think you have ever done this from
> scratch. You have downloaded CVS distributions where the
> has already been created for you. Right?


> You don't only create
> makefiles by executing 'configure',

You make the cnfigure file first by running autoconf!

> what you do is examining the
> installation target machine (your computer) to make the compiled target
> portable to your machine (by adapting Makefiles according to config.h
> and

No no. That's what running configure does.

>> > I'm afraid that if I start to add parts outside the Autotools
>> > environment, I may end up in a maintenance nightmare.
>> I don't understand. Nobody is talking abut "adding parts".

> Ok, so you seriously want me to perform:

> cd collections/bin
>    make -f ../../global/Makefile target VPATH=../../global/

> for 80-100 subdirectories manually?

Of course not!  Where do you get this idea from? There is ONE
subdirectory in which you do the build. It's called build/, usually!
It contains a mirror dir hierarchy which starts off empty and gets
filled with makefiles by the configure run, and then filled by
.o files from the make.

> No, I would have to create 1 or
> more scripts

No you wouldn't!

> to do that for me and the 'make clean etc' stuff. And as

No you wouldn't!

> files are added, directories are added or removed I would have to
> maintain both my autotools configured environment together with
> additional scripts. That doesn't make sense to me.


> If I use Autotools and something changes in my compile environment
> (which in the beginning of the project will happen quite often), I only
> add a subdir in the base, and add a in the new
> subdir and execute 'autoreconf'. Voila! I can execute a simple make
> from the base directory again.

That is completely an orthognal question!

>> I don't know what environment you want! but I have described for you
>> how to compile outside the source tree, and I do not understand what
>> you are talking about autotools for. It is your own business how you
>> make the ./configure file that makes the Makefiles that you will use
>> for the make in the build dir.

> I don't want to compile outside the source tree.

Yes you do. That is what you have been saying!

> I want properly
> configured Makefile.ams so I only need to type make from the base
> directory! Here's an example of a for 'collection/'

But that is what one does anyway.  That is a given!

> bin_PROGRAMS = collections_test
> collections_test_SOURCES = DynamicString.c test_main.c

This is not a It contain no variables to be supplied by
the configure run.

> How do I edit the above (and possibly to
> avoid getting object files and other targets mixed with my source
> files?

The way I told you to. You want to compile outside the source tree.


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