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[qpimd-users] Installing QPIMD

From: Tom M
Subject: [qpimd-users] Installing QPIMD
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2011 11:59:46 -0400


I'm attempting to install QPMID to get multicast support of Quagga

I tried following the readme (making changes for versions. I used 0.99.17 for quagga.

Anyway I got to the usage section and I wasn't sure what we were suppose to do after you open the conf file with vi for each section.

Also when I ran 

I got:
2011/08/18 11:55:32 PIM: Boot logging temporarily directed to stdout - begin
2011/08/18 11:55:32 PIM: Quagga 0.99.17 pimd 0.162 starting
2011/08/18 11:55:32 PIM: Boot logging temporarily directed to stdout - end
2011/08/18 11:55:32 PIM: Loading configuration - begin
2011/08/18 11:55:32 PIM: pim_if_add_vif: ifindex=0 < 1 on interface eth0
% Interface eth0 does not exist
2011/08/18 11:55:32 PIM: Loading configuration - end
2011/08/18 11:55:32 PIM: Can't create pid lock file /var/run/pimd.pid (Permission denied), exiting

Any idea on what I'm doing wrong?

Are there any more detailed tutorials out there on using Quagga with qpimd?

Is qpimd still being worked on?

How complete is the current version?

Any good overviews of what PIM-SSM is that isn't a super technical paper?


README for reference


1) Get the latest quagga tarball

# wget http://www.quagga.net/download/quagga-0.99.13.tar.gz

2) Unpack the quagga tarball

# tar xzf quagga-0.99.13.tar.gz

3) Apply qpimd patch into quagga source tree

# patch -p1 -d quagga-0.99.13 < pimd-0.153-quagga-0.99.13.patch

4) Compile and install quagga

# cd quagga-0.99.13
# ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/quagga --enable-pimd
# make
# make install


1) Configure and start the zebra daemon

# cp /usr/local/quagga/etc/zebra.conf.sample /usr/local/quagga/etc/zebra.conf
# vi /usr/local/quagga/etc/zebra.conf
# /usr/local/quagga/sbin/zebra

2) Configure and start the pimd daemon

# cp /usr/local/quagga/etc/pimd.conf.sample /usr/local/quagga/etc/pimd.conf
# vi /usr/local/quagga/etc/pimd.conf
# /usr/local/quagga/sbin/pimd

3) Access pimd vty interface at port TCP 2611

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