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Re: [qpimd-users] Installing QPIMD

From: Everton Marques
Subject: Re: [qpimd-users] Installing QPIMD
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2011 17:29:09 -0300

On Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 5:01 PM, Tom M <address@hidden> wrote:
> I tried the dirty solution first and got this:
> address@hidden:~$ sudo /usr/local/quagga/sbin/zebra -i /tmp/zebra.pid
> [sudo] password for tom:
> 2011/08/18 15:52:26 ZEBRA: Can't bind to unix socket /var/run/zserv.api:
> Permission denied

Ouch. I think the cleanest way to overcome this is by recompiling zebra,
either pointing the state file directory to a more amicable place:
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/quagga --enable-pimd
or instructing zebra to use TCP sockets instead:
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/quagga --enable-pimd --enable-tcp-zebra
Then, make, sudo make install.

The ugly and simple way is to allow anyone to write to /var/run:
sudo chown a+w /var/run.

> 2011/08/18 15:52:26 ZEBRA: zebra can't provide full functionality due to
> above error
> 2011/08/18 15:52:26 ZEBRA: Zebra 0.99.17 starting: address@hidden
> As far as the "proper" solution is concerned. Does this have to do with that
> initial warning:

> state file directory    : /var/run
> config file directory   : /usr/local/quagga/etc
> example directory       : /usr/local/quagga/etc
> user to run as : quagga
> group to run as : quagga
> The above user and group must have read/write access to the state file
> directory and to the config files in the config file directory.

Yes, it is telling you what default user and group are defined in the
daemons, if you don't specify them in the command line.

> ------------------
> Is it possible to get it to work with my current username somehow without
> making a new username and group? I'm not too familiar with linux
> users/groups.

Sure, use something similar to:
mkdir /home/tom/quagga
sudo /usr/local/sbin/pimd -u tom -g tom -i /home/tom/quagga/pimd.pid

> After everything is setup I'm still confused why everything is different
> from the "default" install of quagga as referenced in this
> tutorial: http://openmaniak.com/quagga_tutorial.php

The instructions from that tutorial suppose you are starting from a
precompiled Debian package.

Instructions from qpimd start earlier, by compiling the source code.


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