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Re: [swarm-hackers] gnustep

From: glen e. p. ropella
Subject: Re: [swarm-hackers] gnustep
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 12:46:32 -0700
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Scott Christley wrote:
> gnustep-make-2.0.5
> gnustep-base-1.15.3
> gnustep-gui-0.13.2
> gnustep-back-0.13.2

Ahhh.  I'd have to go to the Debian "experimental" to get gnustep-base
1.15.  I'm not going to do that.  But, I can get up to:

gnustep-make 2.0.5-1
gnustep-base 1.14.1-8
gnustep-gui 0.12.0-3
gnustep-back 0.12.0-2

through "lenny" (a.k.a. "testing").  I'll try that first.  If that
fails, I would have to compile from source, which I probably won't do.

glen e. p. ropella, 971-219-3846, http://tempusdictum.com
If you are not free to choose wrongly and irresponsibly, you are not
free at all. -- Jacob Hornberger

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