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Re: [Tinycc-devel] cleanups

From: Carlos Montiers
Subject: Re: [Tinycc-devel] cleanups
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2016 10:43:58 -0300

Why in win32/lib/crt1.c the code for check success of __getmainargs was removed?
I think is important check the return of that function before call to main.

Carlos Montiers A.

2016-10-03 7:48 GMT-03:00 grischka <address@hidden>:
grischka wrote:
Daniel Glöckner wrote:

On Sat, Oct 01, 2016 at 09:03:47PM +0200, grischka wrote:
I did push some cleanups to prepare for a release 0.9.27,
eventually.  Just if you wonder what's the point of that.

I'd vote for applying Balazs' patches from August 25 ("Incorrect
function call code on ARMv6") before the release. Unless of course
someone can prove that the second patch breaks something.

Let's see ... :

Ok, have seen it: crash in "make test".

I did something different now.  It's not nice but maybe works.
It would just run a second pass in copy_params to reload registers
that have been saved on stack by accident.


--- grischka

test code:
    unsigned int x = 0x44444444, *xx[1] = { &x };
    unsigned long long y = 0xaaaaaaaabbbbbbbb, *yy[1] = { &y };
    void foo(long long y, int x);
    int main(void)
        foo(**yy, **xx);
        return 0;

   0:   e1a0c00d        mov     ip, sp
   4:   e92d5800        push    {fp, ip, lr}
   8:   e1a0b00d        mov     fp, sp
   c:   e24bd008        sub     sp, fp, #8

  10:   e59fe000        ldr     lr, [pc]        ; 18 <main+0x18>
  14:   ea000000        b       1c <main+0x1c>
  18:   00000000        andeq   r0, r0, r0
  1c:   e59e0000        ldr     r0, [lr]

  20:   e59fe000        ldr     lr, [pc]        ; 28 <main+0x28>
  24:   ea000000        b       2c <main+0x2c>
  28:   00000000        andeq   r0, r0, r0

  2c:   e59e1000        ldr     r1, [lr]
  30:   e5912000        ldr     r2, [r1]       <-- r2 prepared as argument

  34:   e50b2004        str     r2, [fp, #-4]  <-- r2 saved on stack
  38:   e5901000        ldr     r1, [r0]
  3c:   e2800004        add     r0, r0, #4
  40:   e5902000        ldr     r2, [r0]
  44:   e50b1008        str     r1, [fp, #-8]
  48:   e1a01002        mov     r1, r2
  4c:   e51b0008        ldr     r0, [fp, #-8]
  50:   e51b2004        ldr     r2, [fp, #-4]   <-- reloaded in second pass
  54:   ebfffffe        bl      0 <foo>
  58:   e3a00000        mov     r0, #0
  5c:   e89ba800        ldm     fp, {fp, sp, pc}

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