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Re: [Traverso-user] Traverso forum

From: Thomas Orgis
Subject: Re: [Traverso-user] Traverso forum
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2012 12:54:04 +0200

Am Sat, 22 Sep 2012 18:53:56 +0200
schrieb Remon Sijrier <address@hidden>: 

> Joining the campfire.....

Damn, went out overnight. Have to get some logs and matches ... and you
folks ate all the sausages (sorry, no marshmellows, I'm from Germany)!
> Traverso never reached a mature enough level to be actually usable

That's the sad truth, but it was always _close_. Because of this you
got a parttime-enthusiastic and silent community of prospective

> I'll explain by one example why using this method is (much) better then the
> 'old one'

I see a point. I must admit that I didn't delve deep enough into the
old interface to really miss the double-hits. Maybe you're even right.
What I really liked was the context-sensitivity of the interface,
including keys (do I remember wrongly? I have to get lilv compiled to
test the git version).

Actually I'm embarrassed how small my knowledge of traverso is because
I never managed to get a recording session done with it. At first it
was too unstable (yeah, crashes back then) and then it was missing
features from Ardour (working effects and routing). But I always wanted
to have a "complete" version to try.

> Traverso now also supports mixing tracks into buses, it works, but it's
> indeed not finished.
> Due this, mixing your project down to file also needs to be fixed, the
> audio pipeline work has not been finished.

But that's the fun part, isn't it;-) Given time, I for sure could help
out on that front, but, well ... next year? :-(

> On the matter of changing the shortcut system: It was announced on
> traverso-devel, and no-one complained:

Hm, I guess I'm only on the user list.

> Will Traverso go the route of the dodo ?

I hope not. Heck, you could even name a price (or set up on one of
these crowdsurfing sites) for "finishing traverso". I can imagine
tossing in 50 or even 100 € when I knew that it would result in
something usable that has a chance of being more stable than ardour (by
virtue of being smaller ... somehow).

> Anyway, right now I'm busy running my own local business, so there is
> little time and energy left atm to work on anything else.

Being busy is good business, so congrats on getting it flying (eh ...

> Oh well, I still like to finish current git to make it releasable, so the
> time and effort put into it will be fruitful for anyone who wants to use
> Traverso.

If it has the current features stabilized and is indeed usable with
plugins and routing, this is a great point to get started for others to
add little features / improvements. in the middle of a big rework it's
not so attractive ...

Alrighty then,


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