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Re: [Traverso-user] Traverso forum

From: Remon Sijrier
Subject: Re: [Traverso-user] Traverso forum
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2012 16:00:12 +0200

> Joining the campfire.....

Damn, went out overnight. Have to get some logs and matches ... and you
folks ate all the sausages (sorry, no marshmellows, I'm from Germany)!

Hehe, you forgot the beer :)

> Traverso never reached a mature enough level to be actually usable

That's the sad truth, but it was always _close_. Because of this you
got a parttime-enthusiastic and silent community of prospective

Yeah, I guess as a developer you always see things that could be improved, the next version is always better etc. It didn help to be always compared to Ardour, Traverso was never a competitor to Ardour, I also didn't understand why T was always compared to it (and burned to the ground when it was) They are very different programs, but I guess it didn't help to get the silent community less silent.
At some point I realized T has much more potential then I thought at first, the somewhat high goals also meant it all had to work before widespread adoption can take place. Always some feature missing....
> Traverso now also supports mixing tracks into buses, it works, but it's
> indeed not finished.
> Due this, mixing your project down to file also needs to be fixed, the
> audio pipeline work has not been finished.

But that's the fun part, isn't it;-) Given time, I for sure could help
out on that front, but, well ... next year? :-(

Anytime would be good, just let me know, there is always time to get another pair of hands coding on Traverso.
I hope not. Heck, you could even name a price (or set up on one of
these crowdsurfing sites) for "finishing traverso". I can imagine
tossing in 50 or even 100 € when I knew that it would result in
something usable that has a chance of being more stable than ardour (by
virtue of being smaller ... somehow).

Leave out the 'when I knew that it would result in something usable' and we're talking business here ;-)

As long as users aren't willing to offer money without guarantees, it'll never work out. For some reason, they are willingly throwing loads of money at big companies that don't promise anything, yet they are paying hundreds for a software program they can't even use/try out before they made the money transfer....

> Anyway, right now I'm busy running my own local business, so there is
> little time and energy left atm to work on anything else.

Being busy is good business, so congrats on getting it flying (eh ...


> Oh well, I still like to finish current git to make it releasable, so the
> time and effort put into it will be fruitful for anyone who wants to use
> Traverso.

If it has the current features stabilized and is indeed usable with
plugins and routing, this is a great point to get started for others to
add little features / improvements. in the middle of a big rework it's
not so attractive ...

Maybe you're right, maybe not. usually I work on one feature at a time, no big reworks, and during the lifetime of T, only 2 other devs have actually submitted patches. The codebase of T is easy to read and understand, it's quite modular, so you can add new features right now, without having to worry about the new features/big rework being carried out.
I've made it very easy for new developers to get started by creating skeleton code for their feature request to submit to T, the only thing they had to do was add the actual logic in the skeleton code, but even then, no patches, not even a 'thank you for all the help' nothing.
Not that I complain, but I think each and every developer wants to create his/her own pet project, drool over it, and then leave it alone as soon as it comes to making it work all the time, listening to users, giving support, etc.
Cause that's the boring and time consuming part ;)

As a matter of fact, it's not a big deal if there is basically just one dev working on a program. It's all the additional work surrounding the project that takes too much time to get it finished within a reasonable amount of time. Power users who test the program, bug hunters, bug solvers, polishing new features, managing a list/forum, the bugtracker and so on.
If T has 1 or 2 developers that submit patches on a regular bases, that would only be accepted after review by myself, that would be fantastic. It worked out very well with the 2 devs that submitted patches in the past, with real functionality that works, has a great deal of polish, and high quality code.

Just my 2 cents :)


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