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[XWEM]: Re: Problem with terminals and control characters.

From: Steve Youngs
Subject: [XWEM]: Re: Problem with terminals and control characters.
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 15:04:25 +1000
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* Erik Arneson <address@hidden> writes:

  > Howdy everybody,


Amazing the places you and I seem to pop up, huh? :-P

  > I am not sure what insanity induced me to begin using xwem, but I am
  > really enjoying it.

I can't help but feel partially responsible, but xwem is mighty cool
though, isn't it?

  > However, there's a problem I'm having difficulty solving.  My xterms
  > seem to be unable to interpret control characters correctly.  If I hit
  > C-a, ^A shows up in my terminal.  Likewise with ESC and such.

I can't reproduce it here.  How are you starting the xterm?  `H-a x'?
`H-x r xterm RET'?  Are they "login" shells (xterm -ls), or just
normal "subshells"?

  > Any ideas?

Not really, but I'm sure Evgeny will know what's going on.

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