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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] New release?

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] New release?
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2013 21:07:53 +0200

* Tassilo Horn (2013-07-19) writes:

> Mosè Giordano <address@hidden> writes:
>> Please triple check the patch, if it's ok I'll push it.

Here are a few points that caught my eye:

-COMMITTER="David Kastrup  <address@hidden>"
+COMMITTER="`git config`  \<`git config`\>"

Those two commands return nothing if I execute them on the command line.
I'm a git novice, so I might have misconfigured it.  But at least `git
pull' works. (c:

-       echo `date "+%Y-%m-%d "`" "${COMMITTER} > ChangeLog
+       echo `date "+%Y-%m-%d "`" ${COMMITTER}" > ChangeLog

Not sure if this change is necessary.

-       cvs commit -m 'Release_$(TAG)' ChangeLog
-       cvs tag release_`echo $(TAG) | sed -e 's/[.]/_/g'`
+       git add ChangeLog

Again, I don't know git very well.  Is `git add' necessary because the
old ChangeLog file was moved before?

+       git commit -m 'Release_$(TAG)'

Does that only commit the ChangeLog file like the old `cvs commit' call?

+       git tag release_`echo $(TAG) | sed -e 's/[.]/_/g'`
+       rm ChangeLog.old

If you want to delete the old ChangeLog file is probably a matter of
taste.  When something goes wrong you'd have to edit the new ChangeLog
file and cannot just move the old one back in place.

-       cvs export -d auctex-$(TAG) \
-          `echo $${TAG_EXPORT:=$(TAG)} | \
+       git archive `echo $${TAG_EXPORT:=$(TAG)} | \
          sed -e '/^\([-0-9]*[0-9]\)[-a-z]*$$/s//-D \1/' \
-              -e '/[.]/{s/^/-r release_/;s/[.]/_/g}'` auctex
./ && rm $(CVSFILES)
+              -e '/[.]/{s/^/release_/;s/[.]/_/g}'` | tar -xC auctex-$(TAG)

The call seems to work for release_... tags but it does not work for
cases where TAG_EXPORT is set because `git archive' does not recognize a
-D switch.  Reiner had been using this for generating snapshots.  In the
following message is an example:


I'm not sure if it is still being used.  If not, we could get rid of it.

-       cvs export -d $(PREVIEW_BUILD_DIR) \
-          `echo $${TAG_EXPORT:=$(TAG)} | \
+       git archive `echo $${TAG_EXPORT:=$(TAG)} | \
          sed -e '/^\([-0-9]*[0-9]\)[-a-z]*$$/s//-D \1/' \
-              -e '/[.]/{s/^/-r release_/;s/[.]/_/g}'` auctex/preview/latex
+              -e '/[.]/{s/^/release_/;s/[.]/_/g}'` preview/latex | tar \
+          -xC $(PREVIEW_BUILD_DIR) --strip-components=2

There's likely the same problem here.

> It looks all good to me, but I've never done a release.  Ralf, could you
> please check if it works as intended?

Except for the problem with the -D (which is not relevant for the
release) switch it looks good.  I mostly have to trust Mosè regarding
the git commands, e.g. related to tagging the release.

I've been testing the release Makefile targets mostly when I actually
made the releases.  So since you will probably do the next release, why
don't you do so as well. (c:  Messing around with the source repository
is good for adrenaline levels. (c;

> And if so, I think Mosè and I are
> in favour of pushing out a new release.

Great!  If I can be of any help, let me know.


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