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Re: [DS-discuss]long time no demo?

From: Raman.P
Subject: Re: [DS-discuss]long time no demo?
Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 06:51:56 +0100 (BST)

Mr.Bhaskar of Railways spoke to SevaSadan School
authorities. They asked us to contact during first
week of June. Most likely this will be through.

In the meantime, the news that ghostscript is out of
gnu in view stubborn attitude of fsf, worries me (as
posted in fsf-I list). I think it is high time we get
out of fsf fold. I personally don't want to be dicated
to by anyone who is not part of our volunteer force. 

My interest is waning prescisely because of obsession
with GNU and if (and only if) this is given up I will
be more active from this academic season onwards.

--- Suraj Kumar <address@hidden> wrote: > *cough*
> PING. is this list alive? :)
> I may not be back for one more month (if all my work
> goes well I would
> be back in India  by 21st June). I'm planning to buy
>  a spindle of CDs
> (100 CDs).   I will also be  buying a CD  Writer
> which we can  use for
> address@hidden purpose  (this will  be purchased from 
> my own  pocket so
> that we can use the existing funds for other demoing
> stuff).
> In the meanwhile, if there are  enough volunteers,
> one of you can call
> up my home (Narasimhan: 31003938)  and get the
> number of Garodia group
> of schools  (pls mention that garodia's  number is
> in  the phone book)
> and see if  demoing there is possible. If my father 
> fails to find it,
> you  can  alternatively  lookup  garodia's  number 
> in  the  telephone
> directory itself and followup from there to find the
> final number.
> In the place  where I work here  there are a dozen
> or  so 21" monitors
> that  are going  to be  thrown away  into the 
> garbage. I  hope  I can
> convince the  CEO of this company  to somehow send
> the  stuff to India
> for giving away  to village schools in TN. I  donot
> believe in prayers
> but if you guys do, please pray that this thing
> should come through ;)
> And if  by the end of a  month they think of 
> upgrading their hardware
> too I  will see if I  can con him to  send their old
>  hardware too (or
> atleast the hardware if the monitors can't be sent).
> best...
>   -Suraj
> -- 

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