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Re: [DS-discuss]long time no demo?

From: Raman.P
Subject: Re: [DS-discuss]long time no demo?
Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 04:57:02 +0100 (BST)

When I subscribe to fsf-friends, i am just a FRIEND
and not a member or follower or slave of fsf. The list
policy states just this
This is the principal support list of FSF-India. This
is an open list which invites questions, proposals,
suggestions, comments and constructive criticisms in 
aid of the FSF-India's activities,
based on its mission, principles and basic decisions. 
> Secondly the member was in  violation of the lists'
> policies and hence
> this  topic came  up.  Going  against  the lists' 
> policies will  only
> result in  being banned  (including address@hidden - 
> would we  let some
> proprietary software  trainer come and  publicise
> proprietary software
> in address@hidden)

Where in this is mentioned that you should not call
Linux? The problem is if you expect FRIENDS to be your
followers, then friends loose their individual
thinking. That is what I am afraid of. The bossing
attitude of ordering us to do something, to call

I hope you remember a long list of do/don'ts, you sent
just before SVCE demo probably under fsf instruction
[like calling gnu/linux and not linux, no ms-bashing
etc. not to emphasis on cost factor etc.] 

Afterall,when we go and talk to school management, we
are allowed only because of our individual standings
and relationship and NOT due to ideals of software
freedom.  We are trying to take advantage of our
personal relationship to the advantage of our cause.
See what happened to SCS school. We don't turn to them
now. We don't have enough people to followup. Just
imagine, after committing ourselve to some schools and
fsf bans us? This is what holds me going any further.
I have already an informal contact with vivekananda
and few other schools in our area. I am not keen on
persuing because of this factor. FSF is never known to
attract people and never retained most who were with

Seva sadan of Tambaram is ready only if we can have
some long term relationship. With uncertanity under
fsf-banner I am not willing to commit.

Even the orphanage in Poonmallee posted in our list
expect us to have some long term relationship. I have
the idea of adopting such schools/organisation with 5
or 6 committed volunteers. All these can be done only
if we are independant, not as part of larger machine.
However small it is we need to stand independently.

It is like GPL licence. Many would not have noticed
that there is small catch which says 'optionally any
future version of GPL as published by FSF'. I don't
want to give such blank check in the matter of our

With this I am making it very clear, that I am not at
all convinced about being part of fsf. I would like to
be separate entity. 

Let us accept, we are not able to attract people. We
have not made any significant progress. No one has
turned to linux because of our preachings so far. That
means we need to work more and attract more people. 

> I think its only completely  beneficiary for
> address@hidden to be a part
> of FSF's activities. Like arun  says, Mr.Raman can
> ask questions right
> now about  "trustworthiness", etc.,. and  maybe arun
> would be  able to
> clear things properly to Mr.Raman.
> ,----
> | It is  a public list and  you cant attribute
> suggestion  by any member
> | including me to  that of organisation, unless it
> is  stated as that of
> | organisation.
> `----

> regards,
>   -Suraj

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