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Re: [Auth]Liberty Alliance Specs released

From: Albert Scherbinsky
Subject: Re: [Auth]Liberty Alliance Specs released
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 08:49:40 -0400

Hi Rhys,

Rhys Weatherley wrote:
> The Liberty Alliance have released their specifications:

Thanks for the notice. From my quick scan so far, it looks
that it will be easy for my 'Liberty Guardian' to integrate
with 'Liberty Alliance'. The timing couldn't be better; I'm
about to release Liberty Guardian and am also looking at
requirements for the next version. Yeehaw! 

> I haven't dived into the technical details yet.  However, the
> following paragraph in the overview document threw me immediately:
>     Implementation of this Specification may involve the use
>     of one or more of the following United States Patents
>     claimed by AOL Time Warner, Inc.: No.5,774,670, No.6,134,592,
>     No.5,826,242, No. 5,825,890, and No.5,671,279.  The Sponsors
>     of the Specification take no position concerning the evidence,
>     validity or scope of the claimed subject matter of the
>     aforementioned patents.
> Looks like they have built a specification that is born dead,
> due to patent issues. *sigh*

If you start letting patents bother you, then you better go
back to bed, pull the covers over you and roll up into the
fetal position. There are so many patents out there, that
someone is bound to claim that anything that you might be
doing involves one of their patents. A common tactic by some
companies is to launch unfounded frivolous patent suits
against a competitor. If someone wants to be nasty and bash
you over the head, just for writing code, there is nothing
to stop them, except a sense of decency.

Albert Scherbinsky
Drop by at:

Kurt Godel showed us every formal system is either
incomplete or inconsistent. Deal with it!

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