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Re: [Auth]Third Meeting of DotGNU dg-auth-wg

From: John
Subject: Re: [Auth]Third Meeting of DotGNU dg-auth-wg
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 09:31:55 -0400
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No, you need to rent a time machine for this one. I recommend renting a Ranged-Rover Model X-7TS; if you don't already own a converted cold-fusion powered De Lorean. Though a bit pricey the extended range (guaranteed for 60 million years or 60,000 space relative miles, whichever come first) makes the X-7TS a much better rental for after the meeting you can whisk yourself back to hunt dinosaurs! The De Lorean, by contrast, is only capable of 9,999 years BCE and +8000 years ACE, which will severely limit your enjoyment. Add to this limitted time displacement the known problem with the fuel injectors and dependence on processed fuel and you might find yourself stuck in some antideluvian era waiting for man to invent plastics.

In short: yeah... thanks for the catch.

John Le'Brecage

David Sugar wrote:

I assume you mean the 28th...

The next meeting is set for Sunday July 21, 1:30 PM EST, +5 UCT. on IRC,

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