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Re: [Auth]Third Meeting of DotGNU dg-auth-wg

From: John
Subject: Re: [Auth]Third Meeting of DotGNU dg-auth-wg
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 10:47:17 -0400
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Would you like some time on the schedule? I for one would enjoy hearing of your experiences as well as your performance method of explaining anonymous authentication. We might be able to merge it into the proposed marketing materials under the ROI topic?

John Le'Brecage

David Sugar wrote:

As I had been away for family reasons the last few weeks, I had not had a chance to talk about my recent trip to Europe. Strangely enough, most of what I ended up talking about was authentication, which is relevent to the work of this particular group. In part, I was showing people with some general diagrams the relative merits and risks of each authentication and identify model, including, of course, passport, both original and federated versions, as well as some of the ones we have talked about here and others that have been proposed, and other things like idsec, etc. I think this issues of authentication, identity, and privacy, still resonates strongly and it becomes easer for developers to understand the risks and merits of each model when shown side by side that way.

What was curious is how hard it was for some to grasp the idea of completely anonymous authentication. In fact, anonymous authentication as a concept is used successfully by the cash floors in Manhatten, and if it can be a concept trusted enough to authenticate the movement of billions of dollars of currency each day, certainly the idea of fully anonymous authentication is something that we can do on the internet with commercial acceptance. By the time I arrived in France, I had found a fun method to explain anonymous authentication using a pre-trained audience member. I wish I had been given more time to explain in detail some of the specific stuff that was being done in the auth working group, macs, freeport, etc, in greater detail, but I was always in a very narrow time slot and I also needed to talk about pnet and other aspects of dotgnu.


On Saturday 27 July 2002 09:31 am, John wrote:
No, you need to rent a time machine for this one. I recommend renting a
Ranged-Rover Model X-7TS; if you don't already own a converted
cold-fusion powered De Lorean. Though a bit pricey the extended range
(guaranteed for 60 million years or 60,000 space relative miles,
whichever come first) makes the X-7TS a much better rental for after the
meeting you can whisk yourself back to hunt dinosaurs! The De Lorean, by
contrast, is only capable of 9,999 years BCE and +8000 years ACE, which
will severely limit your enjoyment. Add to this limitted time
displacement the known problem with the fuel injectors and dependence on
processed fuel and you might find yourself stuck in some antideluvian
era waiting for man to invent plastics.

In short: yeah... thanks for the catch.

John Le'Brecage

David Sugar wrote:
I assume you mean the 28th...

The next meeting is set for Sunday July 21, 1:30 PM EST, +5 UCT. on IRC,
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