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Re: logical URLs -- Klaus' architecture

From: Klaus Weiss
Subject: Re: logical URLs -- Klaus' architecture
Date: Sat, 05 May 2007 17:14:15 +0200

> So, we will use the new URIs design only with the Klaus' architecture.
> I personally think we must not spend human resources to modify the URIs of 
> the 
> current architecture at production.
> The sooner we move to the new architecture the better.

I agree with you.

> > There is some lowlevel code which extracts now the necessery information
> > from the URL. Currently this code understands the following layout:
> >
> > /index.php/ControllerName/ActionName/Param1/Param2/...
> >
> > However it can be easily changed. I think this is an interesting feature
> > due to its flexibility.
> If that flexibility is:
>   * already developed, or
>   * easy to be developed, or
>   * somebody is going develop it,
> then that flexibility is good. I agree with you!
> P.S.: Although it is transitional yet, could you send a tar ball of your work 
> to the list or to me to take a look?

Of course - I've attached a version which shows how the URL feature

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