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Re: Tasks roadmap -- [Goal]: Klaus' architecture

From: Klaus Weiss
Subject: Re: Tasks roadmap -- [Goal]: Klaus' architecture
Date: Sat, 05 May 2007 23:24:07 +0200

> Klaus Weiss wrote:
> > I've attached a version which shows how the URL feature works.
> I propose to follow the below steps:
>  (1) I am going to work now on moving the Klaus' architecture
>      to the production environment.
>        Task:
>      I will help to Klaus. I am going to begin integrating the forms
>      and static content to the previous Klaus' architecture tar ball.

Sounds great! I've just integrated the home page of It
isn't complete yet, however it probably helps understanding the code
behind it.

Try to request index.php/Index/view/lang/es_ES for example.

>      I think we must get it all together before committing it to GIT.
>      I think Klaus should be the one to take the honour to do the
>      first commit to GIT :)  No problem I am used to GIT.

Wow! Thanks :)

>  (1.1) I will do the switch when the new architecture
>        have all the current production environment features.
>  (2) Re-use any forms to show error messages.
>        Task:
>      This task depend on new features which the Klaus' architecture
>      will add.
>  (... follow working on others tasks ...)
> P.S.: Of course, we can follow working in parallel on the <div> presentation 
> layer.

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