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Re: Comments on the new architecture

From: Klaus Weiss
Subject: Re: Comments on the new architecture
Date: Mon, 07 May 2007 18:09:47 +0200

Next update! 

It is now possible to validate user input in an easy manner. Here is a
short example:

Every controller can access the variable $this->data, which is an
special data array. It can has the following structure:

  ['GET'] => Array
               ['lang'] => 'en_EN',
               ['foo'] => 'bar'
  ['User'] => Array
                ['email'] => 'address@hidden',
                ['password'] => '0xdeadbeef',

The former entry comes obviously from HTTP GET. The latter is more
interesting here. 'User' is actually a model which is described in a
model file inside /site/model/. 

The User model contains the following array:

public $validate = array('email' => VALID_EMAIL,
                         'password' => VALID_NOT_EMPTY);

It is pretty straightforward what that means. If a validation fails on a
specific field the entry in the $this->data array is changed to false.
In addition a error trigger is called if someone is found.

To see how forms are build and error triggers created look at the

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