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Re: Trying to enhance the current architecture instead of develop a new

From: Klaus Weiss
Subject: Re: Trying to enhance the current architecture instead of develop a new one
Date: Sat, 12 May 2007 19:34:33 +0200

> Klaus, I have set you Admin Permissions at the Savannah project so you have 
> not problem to realize any operation.

Thanks for you trust! I won't let you down.

> Maybe the current production architecture is not so bad. It will suck less 
> when we finish some tasks.
>       Control  ~=  Layer-2__Business_logic
>       Vista    ~= Smarty templates
>                   Layer-0__Site_entry_point/templates
>       Model    ~= Layer-5__DB_operation
>   Additionally, the "Layer-4__DBManager_etc" abstracts the operations
>   realized over the Layer-5 and add the Access Control List.
> So, maybe use a MVC pattern it is not so urgent. I propose that the goal be:
>   1. finish the features
>   2. contact with RMS
>   3. try to move to the FSF hosts
>   4. announce again
> I think the persistence layer, Layer-5, can be reused with the new 
> architecture if we develop it.
> If so, we should rewrite such layer from scratch to support 'Cursors' 
> and 'Proxies', but trying to keep the current interface defined at Layer-4. 
> See the Persistence layer PDF attached at a previous email.
> I have added:
>  Task:

I wonder which target I should pursue? I'm now quit familiar with the
current code base so working on it would be possible. I saw that the
status of <> was changed to
postponed. Well, postponed is not abandoned, however I'm not sure if the
MVC branch is still wanted. I would definitely appreciate working on it
escpecially on making it more developer friendly - which is right now a
big weakness.

Please let me know you opinion.

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