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Re: Proposed roadmap

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: Proposed roadmap
Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 01:59:27 +0200
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Klaus Weiss wrote:
> I wonder which target I should pursue? I'm now quit familiar with the
> current code base so working on it would be possible. I saw that the
> status of <> was changed to
> postponed. Well, postponed is not abandoned, however I'm not sure if the
> MVC branch is still wanted. I would definitely appreciate working on it
> escpecially on making it more developer friendly - which is right now a
> big weakness.

I think the main goal should be to finish the feature set which will allow us
  * present the project to RMS again and get his feedback, and
  * move to the FSF,
of course taking care to not mess the code and improving it when possible.

Now, I think that developing a new architecture will delay such milestones.

I thought that to carry out the below task, the project would need the new 
architecture.  But after taking a look at your code I got the ideas to carry 
out it over the current one.

        re-use any forms to show error messages

I personally think the current architecture has some positive points, as the 
operation interface defined at the Layer-4.

The main goal is get a complete feature set with a source code that does not 
suck too much.

My proposed roadmap should be:

 1. [Davi]: Finish several task which I have pending
            from the last discussion with Victor.

 2. [Victor]: Optimize the organization of the Hacker's Guide

 3. [Victor?]: Use "HTML 4.01 Strict" instead of "HTML 4.01 Transitional"
    * This task is rightly defined, and partially completed.
    * Victor have realized a lot of work about this,
      however I am not sure he will able to finish it.
    * There are DIV files which must be reused. Ask for it.
    *** We will have to finish the task (2.) before this one.

 4. [Davi]: Microformats and logical URLs -- mod_rewrite

 5. [Victor?]: Remove the JavaScript requirement
               * JavaScript as not required addition
    * This task has not totally defined yet.
    * Victor have the ideas about this, but what set of developers
      will carry out it?. I will contribute!

 6. [New feature]: Import / export of CVs
    I think we need to talk more about this task with Victor.

 7. [New feature]: [Persistence layer]: Support 'Cursors' and 'Proxies'
    * The referenced PDF talks about it.

 N. Set in sync the translations.

Klaus, I personally think that the best for the project goals, which are our 
goals, is that you work on tasks 3, 5, 6 and/or 7. Some of these tasks will 
require you read those Victor email's and talk with him; always using this 
mailing list.

Just my current opinion which could change tomorrow.

Comments, flames, etc. about the project goals, plan or anyother subject are 
not only welcome but always needed!


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