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Re: [GNUnet-developers] Survey for organizing GNUnet in-person meetings

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] Survey for organizing GNUnet in-person meetings
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2017 13:06:40 -0300
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In LibrePlanet Brazil (libreplanet-br) and LibrePlanet São Paulo
(libreplanet-br-sp) a thread about the sad state of web browsers'
automatic acceptance of non-free software through JS, non-free-but-known
web browsers such as Firefox and surveilance made us start discussing
(in [1]) GNUnet and other technologies like GNU Ring (there is a thread
in their mailing list discussing the possible integration between the
two, although right now it's just a question as to why there's no
integration, see [2]).

Recently, it was proposed in libreplanet-br-sp mailing list to set up
some way to share experiences and documentation on how to do somethings
([3]), it's still an idea, but I do support it.


[2] <>.


t3sserakt <address@hidden> writes:

> Dear GNUnet hackers,
> to push GNUnet further, we believe it would be very useful to not only
> have interested people working on some isolated parts of the project,
> but to foster a community that does communicate much more. A community
> exchanging information on a regular basis, and a community that is also
> giving information to the public more regularly. This should enable us
> to release new GNUnet versions more often, and to make the use of GNUnet
> for "normal" user easier.
> To accomplish this we think it would be nice to start with a yearly
> GNUnet
> all hands meeting.
> Every year at CCC congress the "We fix the net" session (formerly know
> as youbroketheinternet assembly) takes place.
> Since this is also the meeting of the GNUnet e.V., a lot of people
> associated with GNUnet meet there. For some people this date is perfect,
> because during holiday time they can concentrate on others things than
> the
> usual daily work. Others have different plans for their holidays.
> We think about having an additional date and location for a GNUnet all
> hands meeting.
> Therefore, we like to ask you two questions, to know if having an
> additional
> date and location makes sense.
> We will also use this information to plan when to hold the
> GNUnet e.V. meeting at 34c3.
> 1. On which days you will be at the CCC congress (please mark with x):
> - 27th
> - 28th
> - 29th
> - 30th
> 2. Would you be interested on participating a GNUnet all hands meeting
> for some days. Let us know how many days you would like to have this
> meeting. 0 - 4 days, with 0 being not interested:
> A meeting of several day could justify the travel, because we can do -
> beside an open knowledge transfer - talks, or combine the meeting with
> the GNU hacker meeting for example. If those questions are answered,
> we can finally decide about where to meet. If you already have ideas,
> what we could do during that meeting, some talk you could give or a
> workshop you can do with others, please let us know.
> Happy hacking!
> Christian and t3sserakt
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