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Re: The goal of GNUstep 1.0

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: The goal of GNUstep 1.0
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 18:08:11 +0100 (BST)

> In Foundation, NSNumberFormatter still needs work (Fred just recently  
> started on it), and perhaps we should add the NSMessagePort  
> implementation on Windows that Richard has talked about to the 1.0  
> list?  I don't know if someone is willing to work on it, but I feel a  
> fully functional Make/Base (not GUI/Back) on Windows should be  
> prerequisite to 1.0 release.

Thanks - I personally think that make/base are ready for 1.0, in fact they
are already well over release 1.0 ... eg, make is at 1.11.1 (and btw, OT,
I'd suggest when we complete the configure changes and all the other stuff
in the roadmap we bump that to gnustep-make version 2 to mark a clear
jump).  :-)

IMO the gui is not ready because it only works with Window Maker. :-(

If someone was willing to test the GUI with different window managers and
make sure GNUstep applications are usable and behave well with different
window managers (which is not necessarily trivial), the gui would be
certainly ready for 1.0. :-)

In other words, the only thing that is really missing is someone taking
Gorm and making sure it works and is usable on all the platforms -- first
and foremost the widespread GNU/Unix desktops ... KDE and GNOME (and
probably third target is Windows, but I agree we shouldn't be holding 1.0
because of that).

Last time I looked at it, anyone downloading GNUstep apps on his/her
KDE/GNOME desktop would immediately go crazy with focus issues and get the
impression that nothing works and that GNUstep apps are totally unusable
and give up.  But once that is fixed, I don't see anything stopping us
from putting our flag in the ground and declaring that we do have a 1.0
release! :-)

The 1.0 GNUstep Release would be a great marketing event so one of the
most important things is being ready, marketing-wise, to take advantage of
it.  And, obviously, we ought to celebrate ... it took 10 years to get
here ... to a 1.0 release ...! :-)

(and test, test and test a lot).


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