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Re: Base BFD support: limit GPL spreading?

From: Maxthon Chan
Subject: Re: Base BFD support: limit GPL spreading?
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2013 19:28:26 +0800

Then it is going to be something awkward: one cannot legally link 2-clause BSDL binary against GPL one, and CGIKit is 2-clause BSDL. It is perfectly okay to run CGIKit on top of Apple’s (Apple’s proprietary license allow FOSS link against it, and CGIKit is designed to be useable on both Apple’s and GNUstep libraries without any change on either code or behaviour) libraries so development on OS X os okay, but the developers will be really awkward when developing on Linux using Base with BFD.

If there is a Base with LLDB, this awkwardness is relieved. (LLDB is MIT, can be linked against in LGPL without promoting to GPL, which in turn can be linked against in BSDL like CGIKit)

On Jun 16, 2013, at 19:19, David Chisnall <address@hidden> wrote:

On 16 Jun 2013, at 12:14, Maxthon Chan <address@hidden> wrote:

I know my CGIKit, a simple CGI-based Objective-C web service library, may rely on this - when an exception is caught it will create a HTTP 500 page with good error backtrace, if the programmer so desires. 

This is only a sensible thing to enable during development (when the GPL doesn't matter).  During deployment, it is a potential security risk.


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