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Wiki (was Re: website redesign proposal)

From: Germán Arias
Subject: Wiki (was Re: website redesign proposal)
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2013 23:45:43 -0600

El mar, 31-12-2013 a las 02:09 +0100, Sebastian Reitenbach escribió:
> Hi all,


> * maybe trash the
>   * its unmaintainable, contains lots of outdated,
>     incorrect and misleading information
>   * incorporate important information into the main website
>     OR someone (or a team) needs to be willing to review
>     it regularly and if necessary clean it up/update outdated
>     info there

I think the wiki is important, we just need invite people to update and
write. In other way, if we put all at main website, this will be a lot
of work for whichever is the maintainer. And with the time this will
become outdated.

I suggest, remove the news from wiki, and add a main page with some
information about what is available at wiki. Like, for example, GNU
Octave wiki ( or Emacs wiki

And, since we have Software Index, we can remove all the apps at wiki.
Because this is a duplicated effort.

If you are agree, I can help in this way. Even with the recording of
some video tutorials to show some basics examples. And put this at or at


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