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cfrun question

From: Matthew Brown
Subject: cfrun question
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 15:03:01 -0600

when I run  cfrun -v -- -p I get Host Authentication failed. Did you forget the domain name? Connection done...
in the cfrun.hosts file I have the domain name and in the cfservd.conf I also have the domain name and in the cfagent.conf it is there also where else do I have to add the domain name to get the authentication to not fail? this is on a Solaris 8 box and I'm contacting two other Solaris 8 boxes that are in the cfrun.hosts file. I guess another question would be what config files have to be setup to get cfrun to work properly I was of the thinking that all I needed to use cfrun was to have the three configs I stated setup properly...
any help I would be thankful for,
Matthew Brown

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