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Re: copy errors

From: Adrian Phillips
Subject: Re: copy errors
Date: 04 Feb 2002 15:41:15 +0100
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>>>>> "Arnauld" == Arnauld Michelizza <> writes:

    Arnauld> I didn't use 'exclude' at all ! I use 'include'. Well,

Sorry. I'm getting my emails mixed up (just answered ignore question
to someone else).

    Arnauld> let me explain with a quick example.  Suppose we have a
    Arnauld> directory like the following : /dir/x.cfg /dir/a/y.cfg
    Arnauld> /dir/b/z

    Arnauld> I want to copy every *.cfg on my host, so I use the
    Arnauld> following rule : copy: myhost:: /dir
    Arnauld> dest=/tmp recurse=inf
    Arnauld> include=*.cfg

    Arnauld> And here is the tree I obtain : /dir/x.cfg /dir/a/y.cfg
    Arnauld> /dir/b <--- that dir was copied even if it doesn't have
    Arnauld> any *.cfg file !  ^^^^^^

    Arnauld> You see what I mean ?

Seems like a feature. You specify directory copy including some files
and it happily copies "empty" (ie. empty after its checked to see
which files are needed) directories.

Perhaps patching cfengine to skip "empty" directories would work. Time
for another copy option (skip = emptyfile|emptydir ?). See if Mark
responds to this.

    Arnauld> It was the only stuff. I think that, this is not the
    Arnauld> transfert of files which took so much time because when I
    Arnauld> launched cfagent again, there was no other transfert but
    Arnauld> it took about 35 sec.




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