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Re: disable problem+question

From: Sigmund Straumsnes
Subject: Re: disable problem+question
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 11:23:41 +0100
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Zeev Fisher (address@hidden):

> When i think about it , maybe the best thing is to rename to file to
> something like /etc/rc2.d/s85power ( instead capital S ) and it will not
> run.
> The only problem is now that i didn't find how to rename a file in
> cfengine... Can someone help me with that ?

There is no rename in cfengine, but you could of course use shellcommands 
(or copy followed by tidy...)

However, since /etc/rcX.d/SXXblah is a link to /etc/init.d/blah, you could 
use the links action to link the former to /bin/true or something, and then 
relink it when needed (eg: dtlogin on desktop, based on some class).

  /etc/rcX.d/SXXblah ->! /usr/bin/true
  /etc/rcX.d/SXXblah ->! /etc/init.d/blah

Sigmund Straumsnes

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