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Re: help with cfexecd/solaris/crontab

From: Dmitry Sazonov
Subject: Re: help with cfexecd/solaris/crontab
Date: Thu, 05 May 2005 19:20:55 -0400

in my case cfexecd was dumping core, and AFAIK, cfexecd doesn't do any trust 
relationship itself, it just figures out if and when to run cfagent and emails 

Dmitry Sazonov
UNIX systems admin, AAMC

>>>Russell Van Tassell <address@hidden> 05/05/05 6:00 pm >>> 
On Thu, Apr 28, 2005 at 04:26:13PM -0400, Christian Pearce wrote: 
>SMC cfengine package dumping core?  I don't believe it ;) 
Actually, I have the exact same problem on Solaris 7 (and on 9) having 
built the cfengine package, myself... but, it only dumps core on the 
first pass while the trust relationship is still being established; once 
that takes place, it seems to run without issue... just the initial 
client setup includes running cfagent *twice* before adding the cronjob. 
I'm willing to (mostly) blame Solaris 7 though... and I've yet to get 
Solaris 9 and Solaris 10 binaries packaged. 
Russell M. Van Tassell 
"The ultimate measure of a person is not where he or she stands in 
moments of comfort and convenience, but where he or she stands at 
times of challenge and controversy."         -- Martin Luther King, Jr. 

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