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lynx-dev lynx2.8.5dev.9

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.5dev.9
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002 21:09:00 -0400
User-agent: Mutt/1.2.5i

2002-10-06 (2.8.5dev.9)
* improve ETA data shown in experimental read-progress (from Debian #117476)
* modify -dump, -source and related options which set dump mode to also set
  -nopause (report by Benjamin Pflugmann <address@hidden>) -TD
* correct indexing in LYStyle.c our_pairs[] array, which did not allow for use
  of default colors -TD
* make ASSUMED_COLORS in lynx.cfg apply to normal curses implementations which
  do not implement assume_default_colors() (prompted by discussion with
  Bela Lubkin) -TD
* make permanent an ifdef from HS which provides for truncating a too-long
  title with an ellipsis -HN
* gettext'ify a few overlooked strings in LYOptions.c -HN
* modify LYGetHostByName() for MSDOS/djgpp/Watt-32 to enable terminating it by
  pressing 'z' (patch by Gisle Vanem)
* update configure script macros for NLS to gettext 0.10.40 -TD
* add PRCS version/date to lynx.cfg -TD
* setup ifdef's for Unix-specific permissions checks to exclude single-user
  systems such as OS/2 EMX, Cygwin and BeOS, which otherwise act like Unix
  since we can run the configure script on those platforms -TD
* re-order some tests in the configure script to allow pdcurses' X11 port to
  be recognized as supporting color and line-drawing characters -TD
* work around a Cygwin bug which causes subprocesses of a full-screen program
  to dump core (perhaps reported by Frederic L W Meunier, but observed in
  running lynx in a bash shell spawned from my directory editor) -TD
* fix an inequality in HTDirTitles() which made the "Up to" link omitted for
  the first level of an ftp listing, making it awkward to visit the parent
  directory if one first visited a subdirectory -TD
* change HTURLPath_toFile() to keep local URLs distinct from remote ones, so
  win32 version will not display misleading drive letter on ftp listings -TD
* rewrote Home_Dir(), adding checks for "My Documents" on Windows 2000, and
  ensuring that the resulting directory actually exists -TD
* change ifdef's in LYwaddnstr() to use waddstr() consistently, since
  wide-character curses implementation treat the string in the given locale
  anyway, just like the waddnwstr() call -TD
* reduce clutter with new macro LYIsDosDrive() -TD
* add ifdef's for OS/2 EMX to existing DOSPATH code which checks for drive
  letter (Michel Such)
* modify definitions of IsOurFile() and OpenHiddenFile() to allow trace file
  to be written when one already exists -TD
* use new macros LYSameFilename(), LYSameHostname(), LYIsNullDevice() to hide
  platform-specific filename comparisons -TD
* change sed delimiter in configure script to use '%' consistently, to avoid
  using '@', which may appear in AFS pathnames (report by Martin Mokrejs) -TD
* narrowed accommodation for paths with embedded blanks in LYLegitimizeHREF()
  to exclude those containing newlines or tabs (report by Leslie Fairall for -TD
* modified VMS build scripts to allow linking with OpenSSL, tested with
  OpenSSL-0.9.6g using UCX network libraries.  It is reported (by
  <address@hidden>) that one can modify the scripts to also build
  with Multinet's UCX emulation, but the machine I used for testing has only
  UCX (comp.os.vms discussion with Christoph Gartmann
  <address@hidden>) -TD
* modify UCSetBoxChars() to assume wide-character curses implementations can
  draw boxes -TD
* reduce the number of strncasecomp() calls with associated constants by making
  macros for the lynx internal URL types, e.g., isLYNXCGI() -TD
* modify logic that handles goto-fragment (e.g., G #foo) to update the URL
  shown in the info page (Debian #113734) -TD
* reduce clutter using new macros findPoundSelector(),
  restorePoundSelector() and function trimPoundSelector() -TD
* reduce clutter using functions for updating the strings in DocInfo, mainly in
  LYMainLoop.c -TD
* renamed 'document' to 'DocInfo' -TD
* reduce clutter by using NonNull() macro consistently -TD
* define HistInfo struct in terms of document, to make it clearer -TD
* add verification of SSL server certificates.  It requires a "cert.pem" file
  or cert files in the "certs" subdirectory in your OpenSSL directory for CA
  verification.  The mod_ssl distribution includes a "ca-bundle.crt" that has a
  good set of root certifying authority certs and works well for "cert.pem".
  Adding custom CA root certs can be done by either putting them in the server
  "cert.pem", or (for a normal user) copying "cert.pem", adding the cert, and
  setting the SSL_CERT_FILE environment variable before running Lynx (Chris
  Adams <address@hidden>).
* add REPLAYSECS config value to allow slowing command scripts down, for
  testing -TD
* implement a "set" command for command-scripts, allowing the script writer
  to manipulate the sleep-times for messages (prompted by discussion with
  Ville Herva) -TD
* implement an "exit" command for command-scripts (Ville Herva)
* modify logic for -cmd_script to stop reading from the command script when
  an end-of-file is detected (patch by Ville Herva <address@hidden>).
* fill in a few descriptions of restrictions for the help message, as well
  as showing the on/off state of the "goto_xxx" restrictions -TD
* correct inverted logic of restrictions table which made "-restrict=default"
  provide incorrect values for several items.  This was broken in 2.8.4dev.19
  (reported by Jeff Long <address@hidden> and RobertM <address@hidden>) -TD
* add environment variable LYNX_TRACE_FILE which, if given, overrides the
  compiled-in value of Lynx.trace (or LY-TRACE.LOG).  This specifies the
  name of the trace file relative to the home directory -TD
* treat empty string for most environment variables, e.g., those specifying
  a pathname, as null -TD
* add environment variable LYNX_LOCALEDIR to simplify configuration on OS/2
  EMX (from discussion with Michel Such) -TD
* add alias for charsets "ISO-8859-8-I" and "ISO-8859-8-E" to "iso-8859-8"
  (request by Atsuhito Kohda) -TD
* modify handling of HTML_SUP to always append '^'.  It was checking if the
  preceding character was a valid hexadecimal code (reported by HN and Steve
  White <address@hidden>) -TD
* correct check for calling endwin() to allow for curses implementations
  without newterm (report/patch by Brett Lymn).
* add koi8-r.html as a test for non-ANSI 8-bit displays.
* construct "Accept-Encoding" gzip/compress parameters based on whether lynx is
  built with zlib and/or gzip/compress paths are defined.  The latter is
  assumed on Unix (by the configure script), though non-Unix environments may
  lack those utilities (report by Roy Langford <address@hidden>,
  analysis by Frederic L W Meunier) -TD
* modify mouse support in slang configuration (Eduardo Chappa):
  + Middle button takes you to the bookmarks file.
  + Clicking on empty parts of the screen makes the screen scroll. This is
    not 100% true, here are the caveats related to this:
    + When you click in the first line of the screen pine goes back one screen,
      the same happens when you click in the last line (this is normal Lynx
      behavior, I did nothing in this respect).  With this patch, intermediate
      scrolling is enabled, which means that left clicking in different (empty
      parts) of the screen may move you half a screen or two lines.  The idea
      is that close to the top you scroll more, close to the center you scroll
      less and you scroll in the direction up or down according to which half
      of the screen you click on.
    + If you click on an empty part of the screen, Lynx changed its behavior
      from doing nothing to moving the active link to the closest link near the
      click.  This is not disabled by this patch, instead, if a closest link is
      not found, the screen will scroll, according to the position of the link.
* improve check in LYgetEnum() for ambiguous/abbreviated names in the lynx.cfg
  file, e.g., to match the string "visited_links=first" without confusing it
  with "visited_links=first_reversed" (report by vortex5 <address@hidden>,
  analysis by TH) -TD
* use StrAllocCopy() rather than strdup() in parse_style() (LYStyle.c) to
  avoid false report from leak-checking (from report by Martin Mokrejs) -TD
* share SSL handle between HTTP.c and HTAAUtil.c so that call of
  HTAA_shouldRetryWithAuth() from HTLoadHTTP() updates the handle used in that
  function.  This makes lynx able to get the user/password prompt for -TH
* fix a highlighting problem in view-source mode, which left the final
  character of the target unhighlighted -TH
* modify LYStringToKeycode(), which is used by -cmd_script option to decode
  characters, to handle hexadecimal codes written with -cmd_log option from
  dev.8 changes (reported by Gleb V Kotelnitskyy <address@hidden>) -TD
* modify ifdef's in LYCurses.h to implement underline-links for slang
  configuration (report by TH) -TD
* modify checks with WEXITSTATUS() and similar "result" macros to ensure that
  they consistently use corresponding "test" macros such as WIFEXITED() -TD
* add a null-pointer check in GridText.c to cover a problem with
  (reported by Walter Ian Kaye) -TD
* add some more CTRACE's to LYCookie.c to help diagnose LV problem report -TD
* updated nl.po (patch by Pieter-Paul Spiertz <address@hidden>) -JS
* new (cs.po, hu.po, tr.po) and updated (da.po, et.po, it.po, ru.po, sv.po) po
  files from, used msgmerge
  to align with 2.8.4's lynx.pot and corrected some minor issues highlighted by
  check_po.  Checking for a newer version of check_po (to handle patterns
  such as "%1$s") found none, but noticed a comment in gettext mailing list
  stating that msgfmt does checking.  Comparing with "msgfmt -c -v", found
  that it does useful checks, but misses about 1/4 of what check_po finds.
  Will use both -TD
* escape blanks and other non-7bit graphic characters in startfile and similar
  addresses to guard against interpreting the address as multiple lines
  during a GET, etc (report by Ulf Harnhammar <address@hidden>) -TD

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