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Re: [Websec-users] Version 1.5.0 released

From: Baruch Even
Subject: Re: [Websec-users] Version 1.5.0 released
Date: Sun, 4 May 2003 11:21:38 +0300
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* Trevor Boicey <address@hidden> [030504 10:45]:
> Baruch Even wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I'd like to announce that I've released version 1.5.0 after a long time
> >of inactivity.
>   Good to see this project continuing. Like most of you, this is 
> something I use obviously "every day".
>   I upgraded to this version from 1.3.4. I had tried 1.4.0 in the past, 
> but for some reason I forget I chose to revert and it stayed on my drive 
> but unreferenced. But this version seems to perform fine.

I used your bug report from then to work on the current issue, that's
where the new "run from here" feature came from.

>   A couple of issues:
>   - I used to use a lot of "Hicolor = Yellow", which now does not work. 
> It comes out black, although the source of the HTML message shows 
> "Yellow" coming through in the highlights. Perhaps the old websec used 
> to replace this with a hexcode, where the new one just passes it along 
> and Mozmail doesn't understand it? Not a big problem.
>   (Although I do notice that the HTML comes out "TD BGCOLOR==Yellow", 
> is there something I don't know that makes that double-equals important 
> instead of the more standard single?)

Noted and with thanks to your next e-mail it's also fixed.

>   - The source code still has the line similar to:
>  $subj = "[websec] - " + something;
>   ...although the default seems to be no prefix to the subject. I got 
> around this by putting the AddSubject in each of my URL lists, but there 
> might be some dead code there.

It was for digest e-mails only, I fixed that in my tree.

>   Also, a bit of a feature request... it would be useful if websec 
> could somehow keep track of how long it's been since the page has 
> changed, either with a date or a number of page requests.

Added as bug report 3449.

I will release a snapshot version soon, I'll mail about it when it's

Thanks for the feedback,

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