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[AUCTeX-devel] Re: Maintainer wanted for RefTeX

From: Reiner Steib
Subject: [AUCTeX-devel] Re: Maintainer wanted for RefTeX
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2006 00:19:15 +0100
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On Mon, Dec 25 2006, Ralf Angeli wrote:

> * Carsten Dominik (2006-12-21) writes:
>> Actually, the distribution on my site contains a few interesting files: 
>>   The Makefile, a README file, an INSTALL file, and the GPL license 
>> file.  I think these should
>> be kept in the CVS, and probably modified to reflect the new 
>> maintainers, and possibly different installation procedures.  Let me 
>> know what I can do to help.
> I just downloaded
> <URL:>.
> Is that the current distribution and does it contain all files
> available?  No additional stuff for something like autoconf et al.?
> In that case I'd just go ahead and import that into AUCTeX's CVS
> repository as is and then we can start hacking on it.

Shouldn't we keep at least the CVS history from Savannah [1],
i.e. Emacs CVS.  AFAICS, emacs/lisp/textmodes/reftex.el,v goes back to
1997.  If reftex-alpha.tar.gz is newer, we should *merge* (not
overwrite) the corresponding changes into the Emacs CVS files.  We
should be careful not to lose any changes done in Emacs CVS.  When
merging Oort Gnus into Emacs CVS, Richard strongly wanted to make sure
that non of such changes get lost.

That aside, shouldn't we ask on emacs-devel before kind-of taking out
a part of Emacs?  Beside Miles' experience WRT syncing Gnus, the
situation for tramp might be comparable to RefTeX:

,----[ tramp/README-CVS [2] ]
| Tramp exists in three incarnations.  The CVS tree on Savannah is the
| main version, but there is also a copy in XEmacs and a copy in the
| Emacs CVS.
| TODO: explain how to get the main version into XEmacs and into Emacs.

Bye, Reiner.

[1] Probably the Savannah hackers would be able to copy the *,v files
    over to AUCTeX.

      (o o)
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