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Re: [] Welcome back to

From: Borys Musielak
Subject: Re: [] Welcome back to
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 00:58:31 +0200

On 15 April 2011 00:31, address@hidden <address@hidden> wrote:
Totally. Here is my first problem. I don't think advocacy works, anymore.
What can do that is productive? provide a directory of services? A badge like CC licenses with a link to make an updated form of webring for sites, with some distincly compliant features? A type of certification for sites that don't sell people's data and souls to the devil? That is also a potential revenue stream for the project.
I guess being a social club like CC is good for us, but how can we really get more people onto this line of thinking and move this beyond a bunch of blog posts, friends hanging out and watching ourselves in the mirror becoming the cranky long bears we both admire and don't want to be ;)
Call to action! Blat!

I'm with you on that Jon. We need to do something spectacular to appeal to those who generally don't give a damn about freedom (or don't know they do). 

One idea is to be a watchdog for bad practices on the web - write about Facebook / Twitter and other websites that might be acting against their user's freedom.
Secondly, a badge system for free sites (CC + preferably free software - to be discusses)
Third - events in real life. Perhaps a panel on popular conferences (not necessarily internet-oriented, perhaps even better if they are not as people in the industry tend to understand the issues with privacy, people outside of it don't).
Just my two cents...

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