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What's my stupid mistake with mingw?

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: What's my stupid mistake with mingw?
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 08:45:17 +0000

With the talk of adding poll() support to NSRunLoop, I thought again of writing a mingw implementation of NSRunLoop. My old NT system is long dead, so I installed a new copy
of windoze-xp on one of my machines.

I then downloaded and installed the latest cygwin.

I then downloaded and installed the latest mingw (1.1).

I set my PATH to put the mingw bin directory first.

I renamed the mingw copy of the make program so that the cygwin make would be used.

I built/installed gnustep_make.

I tried running ... found that it fell over because under xp the path to a users home directory has spaces in it ... modified to quote variables better
and fix that problem.

Then I checked the mingw documentation in the make package. It said I should install libffcall next. I fetched the 1.8c archive from the gnustep site ... but the compile-mingw script mentioned in the documentation was not there. I found it in an email archive on the web and ran it. It bombed out with the compile of avcall-i386.s
failing and complaining about "|invalid character '(' in mnemonic"

Now ... looking at the makefile, it seems to do some processing to convert avcall-i386.S
to avcall-i386.s
However, the filesystem is not case sensitive, so avcall-i386.S and avcall-i386.s are the same file, and this preprocessing pass seems to be quietly failing so that it has not been
done when we get round to trying to run the assembler.

What I can't see is how this could ever have built under windoze ... so I'm wondering if
I've missed something basic.

Any help appreciated.

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