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Re: NSTextField didn't change color on set...Color: while editing.

From: Banlu Kemiyatorn
Subject: Re: NSTextField didn't change color on set...Color: while editing.
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 19:52:27 +0700

Sent from my GNU/Linux N900

On Thu Dec 22 2011 06:09:30 PM ICT, Ivan Vučica <address@hidden> wrote:
> I sincerely hope my comments are not the primary cause for two
> contributors announcing they are dropping out.

It really is nothing about you. I even started this not you. And dont take this in a bad way, but I didnt even take your opinions seriously as they dont make much sense to me, but that probably is my fault coz I always overlook things as I am a mad horse with rabies. And as it was pointed out, that is not about only one single decision. If a project has to lose momentum by every random comment, it deserved to die.

> Isn't this sort of thing easily correctable in a project with source code
> availability? If you are unhappy with this particular behavior, just
> change it. If you are unhappy with upstream implementation and you don't
> want to maintain your own fork, you can do subclassing, you can do method
> swizzling. You can do a lot without the upstream losing one of the
> coolest things about it: compatibility with a major platform.

Because it should be obvious that I wasnt considered myself a GNUstep libraries user, but a GNUstep dev. I can assure you that everyone here know that fork is a solution, some of them did that for this particular problem, no need to tell about that. Let me take it this way, if you want a Cocoa behavior, why dont you fork or subclassing etc. etc. and let GNUstep do the right thing right? May be someone could start a separated project dedicated for that, ie. cloning all Cocoa things that doesnt make sense.

> I love the fact that I can mess with GNUstep's innards if I want to. I
> also love the fact that I can write tons of code for GNUstep and easily
> get it to run on another big platform, without worrying about details
> which may not be liked by developers.
> I don't really like how NSTableView is used. I don't really like how
> NSOutlineView is used. However, I feel the solution is not in changing
> them, but in adding functionality to them, or adding GNUstep-specific
> additional classes which implement different ideas one may have about how
> table view's methods should be named, how they should be used and how
> they should work.
> If one dislikes how NSTextField works, why not write a GNUstep-specific
> replacement instead of making the existing text field behave different,
> even if the original behavior seems less-than-ideal?
> And yes, I do agree that the behavior we're discussing here has surprised
> me extremely, and not in a good way. It does make sense now that I
> understand why it occurs, but I still feel that the solution is in adding
> behavior, not in changing behavior.
> --
> Ivan Vučica - address@hidden

I think you may want to check RFM's opinion as it already sums your stories up quite nicely. Nonetheless I am giving up this thread, TLDR, unsubscribing. And good luck guys.

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