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Re: GNA Shutting Down?

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: GNA Shutting Down?
Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2017 19:49:42 +0100
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On 04/02/2017 21:14, Giah de Barag wrote:
Git repositories that support SVN clients merit consideration because

(a) some tools have SVN clients and not Git,

(b) some people understand SVN better than Git, and

(c) they bridge the two paradigms, giving more freedom (and time to shift when 
one wants to shift).

I think we had a pretty heated discussion about the move to git and we had a couple of conditions set up by people to accept the move. If these conditions "fail" we should discuss stuff again.

I happen to have used git more since we made the decision and I can still only write I dislike it. There is only one way to describe the way it interfaces, handles errors, conflicts and similar: braindead. One could almost think it is made to be unfriendly. At the time of CVS issues were due to its brittle foundation, but now there is no excuse.

Anyway, I agree with you, having SVN as a checkout way is very nice, as well as way to create patches. Two-way would be nice, but I would be happy to have a "read-only" checkout using SVN (or even CVS?) since it would be handy to test, compile and generate patches on certain computers with more exotic setups. Afterwards a commit could be pushed by a computer actually having GIT after having applied the patch. Cumbersome, but would do for me.
Apparently the SVN frontend is easily available only on github.

It *itches* for me to ask people to have a github account to work on the project, I'd really prefer savannah.

About the dual-mastering proposed by Richard, I leave to other git experts the question if it is possible or not.

I also wonder that if, in the (unlikely?) future, savannah will have better GIT support in the future, we can move everything to savannah without issues. Again, I'm no git expert here, so I let other reply, I suppose that it will be actually easier than SVN. I would keep this door open in case some FSF people get heated up: want us on savannah as a master? give us better savannah.


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