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Re: General assembly

From: Andreas Enge
Subject: Re: General assembly
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2020 19:53:44 +0200

Dear all,

so let us have an online General Assembly in two weeks on Sunday, 21 June,
at 14 UTC (or 16 CEST for most of us). Everybody who has replied will be
free at that time. I do not quite know how to organise a videoconference,
if you know of a facility with a free software backend, please speak up.
(I asked at Aquilenet, since I think we had a possibility to host video-
conferences, but I do not find the mail announcing it any more.)

So here is the agenda, part of which follows from our statutes:
1) Activity report by the Presidency.
   Manolis will have to prepare something!
2) Financial report by the Treasury.
   While everything is available in the maintenance git, I will try
   to send an update to this list before the meeting.
3) Election of the new Presidency and Treasury.
   As written before, I think it is healthy if functions rotate,
   so please send me an email if you are interested.
4) Election of the Solidary Administrative Council.
   Here is its current composition. Please tell me if you would like to
   continue your participation:
   - Christopher Baines
   - Ludovic Court├Ęs
   - Manolis Ragkousis
   - me
   - Oliver Propst
   - Ricardo Wurmus
   I noted that Julien Lepiller is up for joining.
   Please send me a message if you are also interested; there is no limit
   on the number of members.
5) Vote on the changes to the Statutes and Interior Reglementary as
   suggested by Simon Tournier.
   Only typos, but let us follow the bureaucracy!
6) Future activities.
   I think it would be nice to brainstorm a little bit about what we would
   like to do.
7) Other points.
   We can bring anything up during the meeting, but if you already have a
   suggestion on what to discuss, you can also mention it beforehand
   on this list.

Looking forward to "meeting" you,


PS: As a reminder, this list has public archives, so please reply directly
    to Manolis or me for private enquiries.

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