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Re: Central Reporting/Monitoring

From: David Douthitt
Subject: Re: Central Reporting/Monitoring
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 14:42:20 -0500

On Thursday, June 12, 2003, at 10:32  AM, Chip Seraphine wrote:

Syslog seems pretty reasonable, although not everything you might want goes thru there.

In my environment, I patched cfengine to use the "local1" facility (to seperate cfengine messages from other noise) and dump local1 to a specific file (/var/log/cfengine.log). I then run swatch against that log file and have swatch report certain strings or any message that went at the .err priority or higher.

You could also use syslog-ng to sort based on the name or source or a pattern in the syslog message.

I think that sounds like a good idea... I'm going to try it myself :-) I already use syslog-ng to sort syslog messages nicely...

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