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Re: [swarm-hackers] Can somebody declare a CVS "version" that works?

From: Steve Railsback
Subject: Re: [swarm-hackers] Can somebody declare a CVS "version" that works?
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 18:19:56 -0700
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Paul Johnson wrote:
Hello, it is Grampa Johnson back to greet you warmly!

I'm trying to get back in the Swarm support game by building RPMS and Debian packages. Are we still using the Savannah CVS server? I just

Hi Paul,

Marcus helped me get Swarm going on Fedora 9 last week; I think Java Swarm is in there, as I don't think I did anything to leave it out. (I'm extremely ignorant about buildign from source.)

Would it be possible/helpful for me to make an RPM, if you talk me through it?


Steve Railsback
Lang, Railsback & Associates
Arcata, California

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